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Ramona is a wildlife, nature and travel photographer based in Germany. While german is her native tongue, her passion for travel and languages has taken her to many countries and she loves to explore new landscapes while experiencing wildlife in it's natural habitat. She speaks fluent English and some Spanish which supports her career in the tourism industry as she holds a bachelors degree in hotel management and is also an international certified tour guide. She has lived and worked in the United Kingdom and in British Columbia, Canada.

Her interest in photography stems from her earliest experiences as a child, growing up in East Germany, when she received a gift of a clunky, old black and white camera. This became one of her most prized possessions and it went with her everywhere. Her Grandfather was also big influence in Ramona's life, and she fondly remembers the long hours spent with him as he opened her eyes to the world through his own experience as a tour guide and his zeal for foreign languages.

As a young adult, Ramona started to take her interest in photography more seriously and bought her first professional analog camera, a Canon EOS 3000. Her first big adventure was to Alberta, Canada where she stepped into another world of unspoiled wildlife and wilderness, majestic mountains and rustic adventure. Her camera became her window into this uncharted territory and she found that she had a knack for capturing those moments of beauty in nature, in all it’s sublime simplicity.

Since then Ramona has devoted much of her free time to honing her skills as a photographer and searching for those moments that speak to her. Whether in her own backyard or on safari, her camera is always at the ready and she loves to share her discoveries through her lens. Oftentimes it is adventures with animals that she finds particularly inspiring, and among some of her favourite encounters she has been privileged to walk with nine month old lion cubs and awed by the playful antics of a family of orcas. Ramona's work has recently been published in a local hometown magazine and she has also participated successfully in several international photography competitions.

Ramona is available for commissions internationally, including photography assignments. If you wish to enquire about possible assignments, or to purchase stock photos or prints , please contact her for further details.

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."
~ Susan Sontag ~

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