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Learning about Photography

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Photography and Me

When I first started taking pictures it was just about anything that came along, I had no idea, what photography really meant.
I took images at birthday parties of people, cakes, flowers; at trips of landscapes, buildings, people and it was just fun for me to create something that I would be sharing later with family and friends again, a memory that would last to remember.
Oftentimes I was very disappointed when I discovered, that the images I had taken, have been often blurry, to bright or cut out some details....i.e. a person was not fully in the image. My first images I have taken with an old fashioned East German Camera and with an black- and white-Film. The digital era had not arrived to that time.

....some of my past black & white film images....for a better view please click on the image !

Can the best Camera Equipment get you a better Image?

It took me a long time to learn about photography and I am still learning.It is not about the camera gear you have or how big your lens is. I was asked by a lady on a trip to Svalbard what the difference is between her lens and mine, since both had a range to 600 mm, even though mine was bigger and heavier. The lens I used in Svalbard mainly was a Sigma 150-600mm lens. The lens of this lady was smaller, not a Telezoom lens. Most photographers look for the right focal length, when it comes to selecting wildlife photography lenses. A long lens can bring animals closer and reach for longer distance.
But as I always say, it is not the gear alone, but the person behind, what contributes the most to create an stunning image.
Nowadays the market is full of great digital camera gear, that is also affordable for everyone. I often find myself wondering that these days, images taken with a drone get more and more recognized. What about photographers that cannot afford a drone or refuse to use one, as to some of their personal ethical beliefs?

Anyway....photography these days has become difficult to showcase, since everyone can photograph a bear, a lion or whatever bird you like...it is nothing special anymore, unless the image itself reveals something special i.e. a blurry foreground or a specific details of an animal i.e. a pelican catching a fish in the air...but even this is no longer special....or unique.....but....
 ....What is Unique?

So here comes my point....I didn't realise either what photography is about until I looked at my first thousands of photographs and asking some pro photographers how my website and images looked like to them. Disappointed again, getting the answer, that some of my images were to bright, I still didn't quiet get it what they meant! For me the images have been great because I had seen this animal the way it was in it's environment. But what I learned was that I was seeing with a wrong understanding....

The Art of Seeing is The Art in Photography

Your imagination of an image has to go beyond your thoughts and beliefs. Look around you, look again and again....what do you see? In what are you interested in.....be creative....go for it and take the photograph. Don't copy any other photographers style.
Be Unique, Be You - (everyone else is already taken!).

Photography has these days to be more about creativity, searching for something that hasn't been photographed yet or not in that way....you have to play with colors and light....the best time is actually the early morning hour before sunrise and the late evening hours...also called the golden und blue hours....and of course autumn is a great time for photography, when all the colorful leaves from trees come out for example.

....some of my newer recent images.....Please click on each for a better view!

Manipulation of Images

Many people that use digital camera's have also discovered photo-editing tools and software, so the taken image can actually be manipulated or changed, but has this still something to do with photography? Does this make the original photo look better or worse? Lets be honest, every photographer uses Lightroom or Photoshop or any other Software to work on some of their images. I do this too with some minor adjustments, when it is needed i.e. to add some more contrast to the image. I have seen people using such tools also to make their photography look worse.
Especially when they cropp their image wrong, it looks sometimes no longer like a nice image and reminds me about the time, when I started off to take images.

Social networking sites have also taken over to share images. Some photos get hundreds of likes, some not a single one or less. Does it mean your photos are good or bad?

What makes  an Image stand out?

"It lies in the eye of the betrayer", I thought, since everyone has a different taste of what they like or dislike.
In photo competitions judges look for Composition, Creativity, Light, Technical excellence, Style, Color Balance. These are some of the important elements.

In general I can suggest be authentic, simple put in the image some emotions, use interesting composition, tell a story, be inspired, practise as often as possible and don't stop learning!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy taking images, getting new inspirations, as much as I do!  
Best wishes Ramona Heiner

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