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What Facebook friends and fans are saying about my images and photographic work:

Andrew H. ~ I would like to recommend your photography to the wider world I have known you now for a few years now, and know the passion that you have for natures animals and the dedication that you have in getting that right picture, saving so hard Year in year out ( without sponsorship)so that Ramona can travel to capture that experience to show to all the animals in its own living habitat ,in that picture you will also find Ramona's dedication in finding the Latin names what it feeding habits are and what genus they belong too every picture from Ramona is a depiction of the animal as you would see it in the wild.

from a message of a Facebook fan ~ "You are an artist and your page is a place full of beautiful pictures, to visit when you need the poetry of nature. I have put likes everywhere!"

Vicky K. ~ You are a great photographer!

Allen R. ~ You have amazing pics. You're a great photographer.

Pauline B.  ~  I always enjoy your photos!   
Barbara W. ~ I liked your fantastic page.

Susan L. ~ Beautiful pics!

Judit T. ~ Good job! Nice pics!

Emily Nicole Q. ~  I'd love to travel more and capture best places & animals as you!

Anni S. ~ Total schöne Fotos.

Rene H. ~ Sehr schöne Naturaufnahmen.

Ralf K. ~ Ramona Heiner sehr schöne Bilder, die Sie machen.

Rafaela E. ~ Wow! Du hast ja hammer Fotos auf deiner Seite!! Respekt!
I like.

Images Facebook fans liked the most and their comments (click on the image)

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