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Tips for Wildlife Photography

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y 5 Tips for photographing Wildlife

1) Start small! - Go outside in a park or just in front or behind your house, maybe there is a garden or there are trees.....take it from there and get your first practise....depending on where you live, your animals at your door step, might be the special exotic animal for someone that doesn't live there.

Use the Sunlight wisely! - Sunlight is always an "interesting partner" to go with or fight against. Best times of the day to photograph your subject in a perfect light are the early morning hours and the late evening hours.

Practise, Practise, Practise! -Take as much photographs as you can and don't wait for just one perfect shot. Your perfect shot will not come, if you wait for it and you can only improve your skills by practising and sorting out the best image later.

Be Patient! - There are days when you might get frustrated for not getting any great image at all. Do it again and try to go back to that location on another day (if you can) and try again and again.

Luck, Focus Distance and Balance! - Often it happens that you just want to photograph your subject i.e. a bird and then the bird is flying away...bad luck - your choice is either to wait for it to come back or to focus on a new subject. Spent as much time on the same subject as you can and don't get to many elements in one image, it might only disturb what you initial wanted to photograph. Focus on one point at a time. Keep a decent distance to animals, if you move to close, they might get scared and will move away fast. Find that balance of right color, right frame, good light and action of the subject.

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